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The Game
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v0.0.9 | 09.09.2019 | Work in progress
The Game
BOC is a realistic historical turn-based 4X strategy game. Our approach will take players through the ancient world, starting in the Ice Age around 55.000 B.C up until to great's ancient empires era and the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

The project born with our own engine technology, focuses on extreme performance to bring a 4X with vast maps resembling the real planet’s curvature, with a unlimited render distance that makes players feel as if they were moving through entire earth. All of this while maintaining and even expanding all the 4X genre's possibilities.
Game Concept
The game will go from the end of the last Ice Age (around 55.000 B.C) when the humans still shared the world with giant beasts, and long before developing any kind of fixed settlements, up until to great's ancient empires era, where huge demographic pressures took place, completely changing the known world.

We want you to have a rich in-depth experience starting as a nomad and from there to greats empires, having a real chance to explore the world before deciding where to settle, and over the passage of time, to adapt to a world that will change shape drastically; experiencing the end of the last Ice Age will unlock a vast extension of land while shaping the coast lines gradually. Original Post: Game Motivations #1
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World Features
Progression And Research
Climate Simulation
Combat and Conquest